Projector Parts - Remote Control

1 Power button
2 Computer button (cycles through connected computer sources)
3 Video button (cycles through connected video sources)
4 Numeric buttons (enter numbers)
5 A/V Mute button (turns off picture and sound)
6 Freeze button (stops video action)
7 Auto button (automatically adjusts position, tracking, and sync settings)
8 Aspect button (selects the image aspect ratio)
9 Page Up/Down buttons (control presentation slides)
10 E-Zoom +/- buttons (zoom into and out of the image)
11 Menu button (accesses projector menu system)
12 Arrow buttons (move through on-screen options and control wireless mouse functions)
13 Enter button (selects options and controls wireless mouse functions)
14 Esc button (cancels/exits functions and controls wireless mouse functions)
15 Volume up and down buttons (adjust speaker volume)
16 Pointer button (activates on-screen pointer)
17 Help button (accesses projector help information)
18 Color Mode button (selects display modes)
19 Num button (switches buttons to number function for entering numbers)
20 User button (customizable for different functions)
21 USB button (cycles through connected USB sources)
22 LAN button (switches to available network sources; does not function on PowerLite 92)
23 Source Search button (searches for connected sources)