Projector Parts - Remote Control

1 Power button
2 Computer button (cycles through connected computer sources)
3 Video button (cycles through connected video sources)
4 Screen Fit button (adjusts image shape)
5 Numeric buttons (enter numbers)
6 Auto button (automatically adjusts position, tracking, and sync settings)
7 Aspect button (selects the image aspect ratio)
8 Num button (when held down, switches numeric buttons to number function)
9 Menu button (accesses projector menu system)
10 Arrow buttons (move through on-screen options and control wireless mouse functions)
11 Enter button (selects options and controls wireless mouse functions)
12 User button (customizable for different functions)
13 Page up/down buttons (control presentation slides and projected document pages)
14 E-Zoom +/ buttons (zoom into and out of the image)
15 A/V Mute button (turns off picture and sound)
16 Help button (accesses projector help information)
17 Freeze button (stops video action)
18 Volume up/down buttons (adjust speaker volume)
19 Pointer button (activates on-screen pointer)
20 Esc button (cancels/exits functions and controls wireless mouse functions)
21 Color Mode button (selects display modes)
22 2D/3D button (cycles between 2D and 3D modes)
23 LAN button (button is not functional)
24 USB button (cycles through connected USB sources)
25 Source Search button (searches for connected sources)