Connecting to a Computer for VGA Video Using VGA Cables and a Splitter

You can connect the projector to your computer using VGA computer cables and a splitter that supports VGA signals (if necessary).
Note: To connect a Mac that includes only a Mini DisplayPort or Mini-DVI port for video output, you need to obtain an adapter that allows you to connect to a VGA video port. Contact Apple for compatible adapter options.
  1. If necessary, disconnect your computer's monitor cable.
  2. Connect a VGA computer cable to your computer's monitor port. Then connect the other end of the cable to the splitter.
  3. Connect a VGA computer cable between each projector's Computer port and the splitter.

    Note: If you choose the Computer2 ports, you may need to change the Monitor Out Port setting in the projector's Extended menu.
  4. Tighten the screws on the VGA connectors.
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