Installing the Multi Photo Feeder

  • Before you install the Multi Photo Feeder, make sure the scanner is placed on a stable surface.

  • While the Multi Photo Feeder is connected, you cannot scan using the document table.

Unplug the scanner’s power cord to turn it off.

Disconnect the cover cable from the scanner’s OPTION port.

Open the scanner cover.

Pull the scanner cover straight up to remove it.


Store the scanner cover in the stand that came with the Multi Photo Feeder. Just do not let the document mat touch the stand.

Place the Multi Photo Feeder on the scanner and fit the tabs on its sides into the semicircles on the sides of the document table.

Connect the Multi Photo Feeder cable to the scanner’s OPTION port.

Connect the power cord to the scanner to turn it on.

Now see Loading Photos or Business Cards in the Multi Photo Feeder to begin using the feeder.