New Features of Epson Scan

Epson Scan now includes the following features not covered in other areas of this manual:

  • Support for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Macintosh computers with Intel® Core™ Duo or Solo processors

  • Support for the Dust Removal feature when scanning documents or photos (in addition to film and slides); see Epson Scan Help for details

  • New quality adjustment features: Color Palette (Professional Mode) and Backlight Correction (Home and Professional Mode); see Epson Scan Help for details

  • Changed steps for scanning to PDF:
    Full Auto Mode: Each page in your document is saved as a separate PDF file
    Home and Professional Mode: Multi-page documents are saved in one PDF file with a Save File option that lets you save the file without viewing an editing page

  • Changed steps for accessing the File Save Settings window:
    Full Auto Mode: Click the Customize button and select the File Save Settings button.
    Home and Professional Mode: Click the icon next to the Scan button.

  • Changed steps for changing the Preview mode: Click the Thumbnail or Normal checkbox beneath the Preview button (depending on the scan mode you are using)

  • New names for various optional settings:
    Digital ICE: Now called DIGITAL ICE Technology
    Unsharp Mask Filter: Now called Unsharp Mask
    Descreening Filter: Now called Descreening