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Printing with Mac OS X

Printer Software Introduction

The printer software which comes with your printer includes a printer driver and printer utilities. The printer driver lets you choose from a wide variety of settings to get the best results from your printer. The printer utilities help you check the printer and keep it in top operating condition.

The printer software includes the following dialog boxes.

Dialog box

Settings and Utilities

Page Setup

Page Attributes setting:
Settings, Format for, Paper Size, Orientation, Scale

Summary setting:
Summary of current settings


Common in all options:
Printer, Presets

Copies & Pages option:
Copies, Collated, Pages

Layout option:
Pages Per Sheet, Layout Direction, Border

Output Options option:
Save as File, Format

Print Settings option:
Media Type, Ink, Mode

Printer Color Management option:
Color Management

Paper Configuration option:
Color Density, Drying Time per Print Head Pass, Paper Feed Adjustment, Paper Thickness, Paper Suction, Cut Method, Platen Gap, Eject Roller Type

Roll Paper Option:
Auto Cut, Print Page Line, Save Roll Paper

Summary option:
Summary of current settings


EPSON Status Monitor, Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning, Print Head Alignment


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