Scanning Directly to an E-mail

You can scan using the  Scan to E-mail button and automatically attach scanned image file(s) to an e-mail message.
Not all e-mail programs work with the Scan to E-mail button. See the Attach To Email Read Me file for more information.
Place your original on the scanner. See one of these sections for instructions.
Documents or photos: Placing Documents or Photos
Film or slides: Placing Film or Slides
Press the  Scan to E-mail button on the scanner. Epson Scan starts in Full Auto Mode and automatically scans your image as a JPEG file.
If you want to restore color in or remove dust from your images before scanning, click the Pause button. Then click Customize, select your options, click OK and click Scan to continue.
After scanning is finished, you see the Send File Via E-mail window.
Select the e-mail program you use in the Select E-mail Application list.
If you want to resize your image, choose an option under Select Photo Size.
The box at the bottom of the window displays information about the image file(s) you are attaching to the e-mail message.
Click OK. Your e-mail program is opened and any scanned images you selected are attached to a new e-mail message. (See your e-mail program Help if you need instructions on sending your e-mail message.)