Switch the Black Ink Type

Switch the Black Ink Type
Your printer comes with Matte Black and Photo Black ink cartridges. Although both must be installed for the printer to work, the printer can use only one type of ink at a time. You can check the LCD screen to find out which type of black ink is currently in use:
The printer will switch ink automatically before printing, according to the type of media you select in the printer software. This consumes a certain amount of ink, so you should avoid having the printer switch ink more often than necessary.
To conserve ink, you can select the type of ink that is available by default. First decide which type of media you usually print on. Check the type of ink that works with that media. Then, if necessary, switch to that ink type.
If you’re printing from a directly connected digital camera, you need to select the correct ink type based on the paper you’re using and switch to that ink type manually. The printer cannot do it automatically.
Follow the instructions in these sections:
Choose the Correct Black Ink Type
Switch the Black Ink Type