Load Paper : Load Roll Paper

Load Roll Paper
You can load roll paper for printing large images, panoramic images, or multiple photos, with or without borders.
You can load 13-inch wide roll paper.
It’s a good idea to check the ink status and replace cartridges, if necessary, before printing a large print job. If you need to replace a cartridge while printing, you can continue to print but you might notice a color difference depending on drying conditions.
Remove any tape and protective paper from the end of the roll and make sure the corners of the paper are cut at 90° angles to avoid paper feeding problems.
Avoid touching the surface of the paper.

With canvas media that you have previously loaded, it’s a good idea to cut the edge straight each time you reload it.
Place the roll paper holders on each end of the paper roll as shown. The holders are labeled L and R (for left and right), as viewed from the front of the printer.
When loading canvas media, leave 2 to 3 inches of slack in the roll as it feeds and prints for the best results. If you have trouble feeding canvas media, check that the edge is straight and reload it, making sure to keep the roll slack.
Now you can print on the loaded paper.
When you are done, remove the roll paper prints and roll paper.
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