Print From Your Computer : Macintosh Printing

Select Page Options
After opening your file for printing, open the Print window to select print options.
Open the File menu and select Print.
Click the  arrow to expand the Print window, if necessary.
Select Copies and Pages settings as necessary.
If you don’t see these settings in the Print window, check for them in your application or in the Page Setup window.
Select the Paper Size setting for the paper size and source you are using.
To print on roll paper, create a custom paper size. Select Manage Custom Sizes in the Paper Size pop-up menu. Click the + (plus sign), double-click Untitled and give your paper size a name. For the Width, enter 12.95 for Super B-size rolls. For the Height enter the desired length up to 44 inches. Set the margins to 0 and click OK. Then select your custom paper size in the size menu.
For roll paper, make sure the maximum width of your photo is 13 inches to fit in the width of your roll paper (set the margins to 0 in your application software).
Now you’re ready to select printer settings.