Print From Your Computer : Macintosh Printing

Select Printer Settings
After selecting page options, you can select Printer Settings in the print window.
Select Printer Settings from the pop-up menu.
Select the Media Type setting that matches the paper you loaded.
The ink type will change according to the size and type of paper you select. To avoid changing black ink more often than necessary, you can set the type of black ink that is available by default to the one you usually use.
For the Print Mode setting, select AccuPhoto HD2 for any type of photographic printing. Or select Advanced B&W Photo to print black-and-white photos with this unique printer technology. (For paper types that don’t support this option, such as plain paper, print black-and-white photos with the AccuPhoto HD2 setting.)
Epson Standard (sRGB) increases the contrast in images. Click the Advanced Color Settings tab to use advanced color controls.
Adobe RGB matches image colors to the Adobe RGB color standard. Use this setting if your source file was captured in Adobe RGB. Click the Advanced Color Settings tab to use advanced color controls.
Off (No Color Adjustment) disables color management in the printer driver for a color-managed workflow with ICC profiles in ICC-compliant applications, such as Adobe Photoshop.
If desired, you can instead use ColorSync to manage colors.

In most cases, you will get better results by applying color management in your application, rather than in the printer driver.
Select the Output Resolution setting for your document or photo based on the dpi you want.
Ouput Resolution settings
Available print quality settings depend on the selected Media Type setting.
Draft: for fast printing with draft quality
Fine - 720dpi: for everyday text and image printing
SuperFine - 1440dpi: for photos and graphics with good print quality and speed
Photo - 1440dpi: for photos and graphics with high print quality and slower speed
SuperPhoto - 5760dpi: for the best print quality and slowest print speed (recommended for canvas media)
Click High Speed to speed up printing (may reduce print quality). Turn off when printing on canvas media.
You can also:
Adjust the amount of image expansion when printing borderless photos
When you’re finished, you’re ready to print.