Adjust Print Quality : Clean the Rollers

Clean the Rollers
If you notice vertical lines or streaks on your printouts or CD/DVD, you may need to clean the rollers inside the printer by feeding several sheets of plain paper through it.
If plain paper isn’t effective, you can use Epson Ink Jet Printer Cleaning Sheets (part number S041150) to clean the rollers. A cleaning sheet will help remove dust from the rollers, which can cause a loss of traction and prevent paper from feeding properly.
Remove the instruction sheet attached to the Epson Ink Jet Printer Cleaning Sheets and do not follow the steps on it; they are not correct for your printer. Do not use the cleaning sheets that come with certain Epson special papers; they may jam inside your printer.
Load several sheets of plain paper (or a cleaning sheet) in the sheet feeder.
Press the OK button to open the menu screen.
Select Setup, select Maintenance, then select Cleaning Sheet.
Press OK to feed a sheet of paper through the printer.
Feed several sheets of paper to completely clean the rollers. Select Yes to feed another sheet, or select No when you’re finished and the paper comes out clean.