Reference Guide


Product Information / Parts and Control Panel Functions


a. Edge guide: Helps load the paper straight. Adjust the left edge guide to fit the width of your paper.

b. Sheet feeder: Feeds a stack of paper automatically.

c. Paper support: Supports the paper loaded in the paper feeder.

d. Feeder guard: Prevents the objects which you place on the document cover from falling inside this product when opening the document cover.

e. Document cover: Open and close when you place a photo or document.

f. Output tray: Receives ejected paper.

g. On button: Turns this product on and off.

h. External Device USB connector: Used to connect the optional Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter or external storage devices and digital cameras that have USB DIRECT-PRINT functionality, to this product.

i. Scanner unit: Open and close when you replace an ink cartridge.

a. Cartridge cover: Hold the ink cartridge in place.

b. Memory card slot cover: Open the cover to insert or eject the memory card.

c. USB cable: Connect this product with your computer.

a. Document table: Place originals face-down on the glass.

b. Control Panel: See Control Panel Functions for details on panel operation.

c. Memory card slots: Use to load a memory card.

d. Transportation clamp: Unlock the transportation clamp to release the transportation lock.

e. Carriage: The optical sensor and light source for scanning. Before scanning the carriage is in the home position.


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