Reference Guide


Maintenance / Updating and Uninstalling Software

Updating your OS

If you are using this product with a computer and are planning to update your system, follow the instructions below.

If the printer driver and EPSON Scan are already installed, you need to uninstall them, upgrade the system, and then re-install it, as follows:

Uninstall the printer driver and EPSON Scan before updating your system. See Uninstalling the Printer Software and Uninstalling EPSON Scan.

After uninstalling the printer driver and EPSON Scan, turn off the computer, and make sure this product is unplugged and disconnected from the computer.

Turn on the computer and install the system.

Make sure that the system is installed correctly, and then shut down your computer.

Install the printer driver and EPSON Scan, then connect this product following the instructions in your Setup Guide.



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