Reference Guide


How To / Replacing Ink Cartridges

To replace an ink cartridge using the printer's control panel, follow the steps below.

Make sure the printer is on. The power light should be on, but not flashing. (Determine which cartridge needs to be replaced as indicated by the black and color ink out light.)

Lower the output tray at the front of the printer, then open the printer cover.

Hold down the cleaning button for three seconds. The print head moves left to the ink cartridge replacement position, and the power light begins flashing.

Do not move the print head by hand as this may damage the printer. Always use the cleaning button to move it.

If you press the cleaning button for three seconds when the black and color ink out lights are off, the printer starts cleaning the print head.

Lift up the clamp that holds the cartridge you want to replace as far as it will go. The cartridge rises partly out of the cartridge holder. Then lift the cartridge out of the printer and dispose of it properly. Do not take the used cartridge apart or try to refill it.

If ink gets on your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. If ink gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with water.

Once you open the ink cartridge clamp, the ink cartridge becomes unusable and cannot be reinstalled, even if ink remains.

Remove the new ink cartridge from its protective bag. Next, remove only the yellow tape seal from the cartridge.

  • You must remove the yellow tape seal from the cartridge before installing it, otherwise, a fatal error will occur and the cartridge will become unusable.
  • Do not remove the blue portion of the tape seal from the top of the cartridge; otherwise, the print head may become clogged and will be unable to print.
  • Do not remove the tape seal from the bottom of the cartridge; otherwise, ink will leak.

Place the ink cartridge gently into the cartridge holder with the label on the cartridge facing up. Then press the ink cartridge clamp down until it locks in place. Do not press down on the cartridge itself.

Once you install the ink cartridges, do not open their clamps again until you replace the cartridges. Otherwise, the cartridges may become unusable.

Make sure the black and color lights are off, then press the cleaning button. The printer moves the print head and begins charging the ink delivery system. This process takes about thirty seconds to complete. When the ink charging process is finished, the printer returns the print head to its home position and the power light stops flashing.

The power light continues to flash while the printer performs the ink charging operation. Never turn off the printer while this light is flashing. Doing so can result in incomplete charging of ink.

Close the printer cover.