Reference Guide


Printing with Windows

Previewing your printout

Select the Print Preview check box on the Main menu to see a preview of your document before printing.

This feature is not available for Windows 3.1.

When you send a print job to the printer, the Print Preview window opens, allowing you to make changes before printing.

The Preview dialog box contains several icon buttons that allow you to perform the following functions.


Click this button to select and move watermarks.


Click this button to enlarge or reduce the size of the previewed page.


Click this button to scale the previewed page so that it fits the size of the window. This is convenient when you want to see the entire page at one time.

Maximum zoom

Click this button to display the previewed page at the maximum possible zoom ratio.

Printable area on/off

Click this button to display a rectangle on the page being previewed. This rectangle outlines the printable area for the page. The printer cannot print anything which is outside of this rectangle. Click the button again to turn this feature off.


Click this button to open the Watermark Settings dialog box, where you can change any of the current watermark settings.

Reset watermark settings

Click this button to return all watermark settings to what they were when the Print Preview window was first opened. If nothing has been changed, this button is unavailable.

Previous page

Click this button to display the page previous to the one currently being previewed. If there is no previous page, this button is unavailable.

Next page

Click this button to display the next page in the document. If there is no next page, this button is unavailable.

You can also manipulate the previewed document in the following ways:

Add page

Click this button to add the highlighted pages to the list of pages to be printed.

Remove page

Click this button to remove the highlighted pages from the list of pages to be printed.

  • When using the double-sided printing feature, the Preview window allows you to toggle between pages in the print job by clicking the appropriate page in the list at the left side of the screen. The pages are listed in two columns, Front and Back. The pages in the Front column will print first. The page numbers listed refer to pages of the print job, and may contain more than one document page.
  • If it is necessary to reprint part of a double-sided print job, select each page of the print job that does not need to be reprinted in the list at the left side of the screen, then click Remove Page on the Print Options menu. Make sure that the paper is loaded properly so that the print job will start on the correct side of the correct page.

After you have previewed the document, click Print to print the document, or click Cancel to cancel printing.