Problems and Solutions : Miscellaneous Printout Problems

Miscellaneous Printout Problems
The image is inverted, as if viewed in a mirror.
For Windows, turn off Mirror Image in the Page Layout window of your printer driver.
For Macintosh, turn off Flip Horizontal in the Print Settings window.
The printer prints blank pages.
If you’re using Windows, make sure your printer is selected. For Macintosh OS X, make sure your printer is selected in the Page Setup and Print windows.
The margins are incorrect.
Use the Print Preview option in your printer software to check your margins before you print.
Output is not what you expect when printing borderless photos.
Too many copies are printing.
Make sure that the Copies option in your printer software or program is not set for multiple copies.
You see incorrect characters.
The image size/position is incorrect.
Make sure the paper and layout options are set correctly.
There are scratches on your print.
If you’re printing on glossy paper, prints may be scratched if not handled properly. Don’t place objects on top of your prints, and be careful not to scratch them with your fingernails. For best results, frame your prints under glass.