Adjust Print Quality : Align the Print Head

Align the Print Head
If your printouts become grainy or blurry, or you see dark or light bands across them, you may need to align the print head.
Banding may also occur if your print head nozzles need cleaning.
Windows: Right-click the  printer icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (the taskbar) and select Print Head Alignment.
Macintosh: Open the Applications folder, open the EPSON Printer Utility3, select WF 30 Series, and click OK. Then select Print Head Alignment.
Do not press the  paper button to cancel printing while you are printing a test pattern with the Print Head Alignment utility.
For each set, choose the number of the best pattern and select that number in the window on your screen. Once you’ve selected a number for each set, click Next.
If no patterns are aligned in one or more of the sets, choose the closest one in each set and click Realignment. Then print another alignment sheet and check it.
Follow the on-screen instructions to print and compare each alignment sheet, or click Skip (where available) if you want to skip a particular alignment sheet.