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Check the Lights on Your Product
The WorkForce 30 Series is busy. Wait for the  power light to stop flashing before turning off the printer.
Paper is out or multiple sheets of paper have fed at the same time. If paper is out, load more paper in the sheet feeder. If multiple sheets of paper have fed, press the  paper button to eject the paper.
One or more cartridges have low ink. Check the cartridge status to determine which cartridges are affected.
An ink cartridge is expended, incorrectly installed, or not compatible with the WorkForce 30 Series.
If you just replaced a cartridge and the light is still on, the cartridge is not compatible or is not installed correctly. Press the  ink button to move the cartridges to the replacement position. Replace any incompatible cartridges or remove and re-install any incorrectly installed cartridges.
There is a problem with the WorkForce 30 Series. Turn it off, open the printer cover, and remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path. Then turn the printer back on. If the error is not resolved, contact Epson for help.