Broadcasting a Fax

You can easily send a fax to several recipients at the same time, using your speed dial list, group dial list , or by entering phone numbers. You can send the same fax to up to 30 phone numbers.
  1. Place your original on the product for faxing.
  2. Press the Fax button.

  3. Press the  Menu button, press the arrow buttons to select Broadcast Fax, and press the OK button.
  4. Do the following as necessary:
    • Use the numeric keypad to manually enter fax numbers. Press the down arrow button to add additional fax numbers.
    • To select a speed or group dial entry, press the  Menu button. Use the up and down arrows to highlight an entry, the right arrow button to select an entry, and the left arrow button to deselect an entry.
  5. When you have finished selecting your recipients, press the OK button.
  6. Press one of the  Start buttons in the Fax section of the control panel. If prompted, select where you placed your document (Automatic Document Feeder or scanner glass).
    Note: If your recipient's fax machine does not print in color, your fax is automatically sent in black-and-white. To cancel faxing, press the  Stop button.
    Your product scans your original and prompts you to place additional pages, if necessary.
After scanning your originals, your product dials the number and sends the fax.
Note: If the number is busy or there is a communication problem, your product displays a redialing message and will redial the number in a few minutes.