Transferring Photos From a Memory Card to an External Device

You can back up photos from your memory card to an external storage device connected to the product, such as a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or external CD or DVD burner.
Note: Epson cannot guarantee the compatibility of your storage device.
  1. Insert a memory card in one of the memory card slots.
  2. Insert your USB flash drive or the USB cable for your external drive into the USB port on the front of your product.

  3. Insert storage media (such as a CD) into your drive, if necessary.
  4. Press the Photo button.
  5. Press the arrow buttons to select Back Up Memory Card and press the OK button.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to disconnect the product from your computer and begin copying files to the external device.
  7. When the backup is finished, you can remove your memory card and disconnect the external device.
The files are saved in folders numbered for each backup session.
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