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How To

Scan Multiple Images Simultaneously

You can scan multiple photos and documents placed together on the document table as separate images.

Depending on the application, you may not be able to scan multiple images at one time.

Follow the steps below to scan multiple images using Professional Mode.

Place documents on the document table. See Placing Documents and Photos for details.

Position each photo at least 20 mm apart from the others.

Start EPSON Scan and select Professional Mode. For details on selecting a scanning mode, see Changing the scanning mode.

The following window appears.

Specify the Original and Destination settings for your images.

Click Preview to preview the images.

To select a different preview method, click the small arrow to the right of the Preview button and select Thumbnail or Normal.

In the Thumbnail Preview window:
EPSON Scan automatically locates the multiple photos and previews them as thumbnail images. Select the checkboxes beneath the images you want to scan.

  • Depending on your originals, EPSON Scan may not be able to automatically locate the target images or preview them as thumbnails. In this case, preview the images in the Normal Preview window.
  • You can create only one marquee for one thumbnail image.

Note for Perfection 2580 Photo users:
If you are using the Auto Film Loader, you can create a marquee up to 35 mm in size.

In the Normal Preview window:
You can create marquees on each previewed image to select the areas you want to scan. You can create up to 50 marquees. For details, see Using marquees.

You can select a specific output image size as the Target Size. A marquee proportional to the measurements of the Target Size setting appears in the Preview window. You can move this marquee to the area of the image you want to scan. For details, see EPSON Scan help.

Note for Perfection 2580 Photo users:
If you are using the Auto Film Loader, you can create a marquee up to 35 mm in size.

Specify any Adjustments settings as necessary. (You may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen.)

You can apply some of the same settings to all of the images at once by clicking All in the Preview window. (In Normal Preview, you need to make marquees first.) For details, see Using marquees.

Click Scan. EPSON Scan starts scanning.
The scanned images are saved to the specified folder.



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