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Loading Envelopes

Follow the steps below to load envelopes into the printer.

Open the paper support, then slide out the extension.

Lower the output tray and slide out the extension.

Make sure the CD/DVD tray is not inserted into the printer and the CD/DVD guide is closed.

Position the left edge guide so that the distance between the two edge guides is slightly wider than the width of your envelope.

Load envelopes short edge first with the flap side to the left, as shown in the illustration.

  • The thickness of envelopes and their ability to fold vary widely. If the total thickness of the stack of envelopes exceeds 10 mm, press down on the envelopes to flatten them before loading. If print quality declines when a stack of envelopes is loaded, load one envelope at a time.
  • You can load up to 10 envelopes at a time in the sheet feeder.
  • Do not use envelopes that are curled or folded.
  • Flatten the envelope flaps before loading.
  • Flatten the loading edge of the envelope before loading.
  • Avoid using envelopes that are too thin as they may curl during printing.



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