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Using Special Media

Loading capacities for Epson special media
Storing Epson Photo Paper

You can achieve good results with most types of plain bond paper. However, coated and glossy papers provide superior printouts because they absorb less ink.

Epson provides special media formulated for the ink used in Epson ink jet printers. Epson recommends using media distributed by Epson to ensure high-quality results.

When loading special Epson media, read the instruction sheets packed with the media first and keep the following points in mind.

Cleaning sheets packaged with special Epson media should not be used with this printer. The cleaning function performed by these sheets is not necessary with this type of printer, and the sheets could jam in the printer.

  • Load the media into the sheet feeder printable side up. See the instruction sheets packed with the media to determine which side is the printable side. Some types of media have cut corners to help identify the correct loading direction.
  • If the paper is curled, flatten it or curl it slightly in the opposite direction before loading. Printing on curled paper may cause ink to smear on your printout.

Loading capacities for Epson special media

Refer to the chart below to find the loading capacities for Epson special media.

Media Type

Loading Capacity

Premium Bright White Paper

Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper

Up to 100 sheets.

Photo Quality Ink Jet Cards

Up to 30 cards.

Matte Paper Heavyweight

All Purpose Glossy Photo Paper

Glossy Photo Paper

ColorLife Photo Paper

Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper

Premium Glossy Photo Paper

Premium Semigloss Photo Paper

Premium Luster Photo Paper

Semigloss Scrapbook Photo Paper

PremierArt Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper

Up to 20 sheets.

Double-Sided Matte Paper

Iron-On Transfer Paper

Glossy Photo Greeting Cards

Photo Stickers

Photo Quality Self Adhesive Sheets

Ink Jet Transparencies

One sheet at a time.

*  Be careful not to print on support sheets that are loaded under special media.


Storing Epson Photo Paper

Return unused paper to the original package as soon as you finish printing. Epson recommends storing your printouts in a resealable plastic bag. Keep them away from high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.



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