Reference Guide


Scanning / Setting Your Materials for Scanning

Placing Documents and Photos

Removing the document cover for thick or large documents

Before scanning a document, remember to respect the rights of copyright owners. Do not scan published text or images without first checking the copyright status.

Open the document cover. Place the original document facing down on the document table. Make sure that the document is properly aligned.

Never open the document cover beyond its limit.

  • Make sure the document is flat against the glass surface; otherwise the image will be out of focus.
  • When scanning photos, place the document about 1/8 inch (5 mm) away from the edge of the document table.

* Maximum unreadable area of 5 mm

Close the document cover gently so that the document does not move.

  • To scan the document properly, close the document cover to prevent interference from the external light.
  • Do not leave photographs on the document table for an extended period of time. They may stick to the glass of the document table.
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of this product.

Removing the document cover for thick or large documents

When you scan the thick or large document, you can remove the document cover.

  • When you set the document without the document cover, make sure to press the document from above and make it flat.
  • When you press the document, do not move the document and not to add too much pressure.

Removing and installing the document cover

Make sure this product is turned off.

Disconnect the document cover's cable.

Open the document cover and pull the document cover straight up.

When installing the document cover, install it in the reverse order of removing it.



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