Printing in Windows

Printing from a Software Program

Here's what to do to print a basic document-such as a newsletter or school project. After you create your document in a software program, follow these steps to print.

  1. From the File menu, click Print. You see a Print window (your window may look different):

  2. Make sure EPSON Stylus C44 Series is selected.
  3. Click the Properties or Preferences button. (If you see a Setup, Printer, or Options button, click it. Then click Properties or Preferences on the next screen.)
  4. You see your printer Properties (or Preferences) window.

  5. Select the type of document you're printing:
    • Draft: For rough drafts on plain paper. Saves ink.
    • Text: For text-only documents, like letters or reports. Delivers high-quality text printing.
    • Text & Image: For documents that have both text and images, like newsletters.
    • Photo: For photos and graphics, when you want good quality with faster printing.
    • Photo RPM: For photos or graphics, when you need highest quality printing. Because this setting increases resolution, it also increases print time.
  6. Load the right paper for your document. See Loading Paper for instructions.
  7. If you loaded special paper, choose the correct paper type (click the arrow to scroll through the Type list). If you're not sure which setting to select, see Selecting the Correct Paper Type.

  8. Select your paper size (click on the arrow to scroll through the Size list).
  9. If necessary, select your page orientation: Portrait for documents that are longer than they are wide, or Landscape for documents that are wider than they are long.
  10. You can also make these settings:
    • PhotoEnhance: Improves the appearance of low-resolution and improperly exposed photos. Not available when Black Ink Only is selected.
    • ICM (Image Color Matching): Matches colors on your printout as closely as possible to the colors you see using ICM-compatible monitors or scanners.
    • Black Ink Only: Prints using only black ink.
    • Reverse Order: Prints your document so that the pages are in the right order when you retrieve them from the paper tray.
    • Print Preview: Lets you see what your printout will look like before you print.
    • Tip: For more information about printer settings, click the Help button, or right-click any item on the screen and then click What's This?.

  11. Click OK to return to the Print window. Then click OK (or Print) to start printing.

After a moment, this window appears and shows the progress of your print job. You can use the buttons to cancel, pause, or restart printing. You can also see how much ink you have left.

Caution: When you're finished using your printer, make sure you press the  power button to turn it off. Never use a power strip or external switch to turn off the printer.

Selecting the Settings You Use Most Often

Your printer settings apply only to the program you're currently using. If you usually print one type of document in different programs-for example, color photos on letter-size paper-you can change the default printer settings for all your programs.

  1. Right-click the printer icon on your taskbar (in the lower right corner of your screen).
  2. Select Printer Settings. You see your printer settings window, as shown in Printing from a Software Program.
  3. Select the default settings you want to use for all your applications. Click OK when you're finished.

Remember that you can always change the settings in your program when you want to print different types of documents.