Product Error Messages

You can often diagnose problems with your label printer by checking the messages on its display. Some messages apply only when you are using the printer's keyboard, and not when the printer is connected to your computer.

Display message Condition/solution
Insert tape Turn the power off and install a tape cartridge.
Check tape cartridge The tape cartridge installed in the printer is incompatible. Check the tape cartridge.
Check battery

Change alkaline

The batteries may be running out or installed incorrectly, non-alkaline batteries are installed with alkaline batteries, or old and new batteries are installed together. Turn the power off and replace batteries with new ones, or use the AC adapter. Make sure new batteries are installed correctly.
Too many lines You have exceeded the maximum number of lines. Delete the lines indicated.
No more sequence No. ! The label already has sequence numbers. You can only enter one sequence per label.
Text is too long. Continue? Entered text is too long for the specified label length. Press to confirm and continue printing. The printer will automatically adjust the label length.
Insert 24 mm tape! The label design can only be printed on 1-inch (24 mm) wide tape.
Load wider tape Unable to print on the current tape. Use a wider tape.
Printing length too long! Shorten the label text.
No more barcode! You can only add one barcode to a label when you are using the built-in keyboard.
QR CODE too big! Do one of the following: use a wider tape, reduce the text or cell size, or lower the ECC (Error Checking and Correction) level.
Overheated! The print head is too hot. Turn the power off and take out the tape cartridge. Allow the print head to cool before trying to print again.
Cover open! Powering off. If you open the rear cover while the power is on, this message displays and the power turns off automatically. Always turn the power off before opening the rear cover.
Motor error! An error occurred in the motor operation. Turn the power off, then turn it back on. If the same message appears, turn the power off again and contact Epson for technical support.
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