Projector Setup Settings - Extended Menu

Settings on the Extended menu let you customize various projector setup features that control its operation.

Easy Interactive Function Settings

Setting Options Description
General Easy Interactive Function settings
Auto Calibration

Manual Calibration

Start calibration for the interactive pens
Touch Unit Setup

(BrightLink 695Wi)

Installation Pattern


Angle Adjustment

Touch Calibration

Select settings for the Touch Unit

Installation Pattern: displays reference points to help you determine the installation position of the Touch Unit

Power: turns on the Touch Unit power

Angle Adjustment: performs angle adjustment for laser diffusion

Touch Calibration: performs calibration for finger touch operations

Pen Mode PC Free Annotation

PC Interactive

Selects the mode for the interactive pens

PC Free Annotation: draws on the projected screen without software or PC required

PC Interactive: operates a mouse or interactive device from the projected screen using the interactive pen or your finger (BrightLink 695Wi)

Hovering On


Turns the pen hovering feature on and off; when set to On, the pointer follows the pen tip as you hover it over the screen and move it around
Advanced Distance of Projectors

Sync of Projectors


Wired Sync Mode

Preset Pen Thickness

Eraser Size

Color Palette

Pen Button Function

Default Touch Action

Confirm Clear Screen

Selects various settings for interactive features

Distance of Projectors, Sync of Projectors, Multi-Projection, and Wired Sync Mode: let you adjust features for using multiple projectors of the same model in the same room

Preset Pen Thickness: lets you select the default pen thickness when using the drawing tools

Eraser Size: lets you select the default eraser size when selecting the eraser tool

Color Palette: lets you choose a different palette if certain colors are difficult to see

Pen Button Function: selects the function of the button on the interactive pen in annotation mode

Default Touch Action: selects the default action when performing touch operations in annotation mode (BrightLink 695Wi)

Confirm Clear Screen: lets you display a confirmation screen before clearing all of the content

PC Interactive Easy Interactive Function settings
Pen Operation Mode

(BrightLink 695Wi)

Windows/Mac Mode

Ubuntu mode

Sets the correct operating system for the interactive pen features
Enable Right Click On


Lets you use a long pen press or finger press (BrightLink 695Wi) as a right-click operation when using mouse mode
Advanced Pen Tip Button

Auto Adjust Pen Area

Manual Adj. Pen Area

Select pen operation and adjustment options

Pen Tip Button: assign either Right Click or Left Click to the pen tip button

Select either Auto Adjust Pen Area or Manual Adj. Pen Area as the pen area adjustment option

Other Extended Settings

Setting Options Description
Home Screen Home Screen Auto Disp.

Custom Function 1

Custom Function 2

Adjust settings on the Home Screen

Home Screen Auto Disp.: controls whether the Home screen displays automatically when the projector is turned on

Custom Function 1/Custom Function 2: let you customize the options displayed on the Home screen and save your settings as a preset

Display Messages

Display Background

Startup Screen

A/V Mute

Color Uniformity


Pen Mode Icon

Projector Control

Selects various display options

Messages: controls whether messages are displayed on the screen

Display Background: selects the screen color or logo to display when no signal is received

Startup Screen: controls whether a special screen appears when the projector starts up

A/V Mute: selects the screen color or logo to display when A/V Mute is turned on

Color Uniformity: adjusts the color tone balance

Toolbars: controls whether the drawing toolbar is always displayed when in annotation mode

Pen Mode Icon: controls the display and position of the pen icon in interactive computer mode

Projector Control: controls where the projector control toolbar is displayed on the screen

Closed Caption Off



Controls use of closed captions and selects the closed caption type (closed captions are only visible for NTSC signals connected through the S-Video or Video ports)
User's Logo —– Creates a screen that the projector displays to identify itself and enhance security
Projection Front

Front/Upside Down


Rear Upside Down

Selects the way the projector faces the screen so the image is oriented correctly
Operation Direct Power On

High Altitude Mode

Auto Source Search

Auto Power On

Monitor Out Port

Connect ELPCB02

Date & Time

Selects various operation options

Direct Power On: lets you turn on the projector without pressing the power button

High Altitude Mode: regulates the projector’s operating temperature at altitudes above 4921 feet (1500 m)

Auto Source Search: automatically detects the image signal that is input when the projector is turned on

Auto Power On: automatically turns the projector on when it detects an input signal from the selected port

Monitor Out Port: specifies the function of the Monitor Out/Computer2 port

Connect ELPCB02: allows you to switch between the HDMI2 and HDMI3 sources when you press the HDMI2 button on the optional PowerLite Pilot 2 control box

Date & Time: adjusts the projector's date and time settings
  • Daylight Savings Time: enables daylight savings time
  • Internet Time: updates the time automatically via an online time server
A/V Settings A/V Output

Audio Output

HDMI1 Audio Output

HDMI2 Audio Output

HDMI3 Audio Output

Selects the following when the projector is in standby mode (turned off):

A/V Output: the Always On setting indicates that the projector output audio and video signals even while it is standby mode; only available when Standby Mode is set to Communication On

Audio Output: selects the audio input port when projecting images from the Computer1, Computer2, Video, and USB-A ports

HDMI1 Audio Output, HDMI2 Audio Output, and HDMI3 Audio Output: selects which Audio port provides audio when viewing images from the HDMI1, HDMI2, and HDMI3 ports

USB Type B Easy Interactive Function

USB Display/Easy Interactive Function

Wireless Mouse/USB Display

Selects what happens when you connect your computer to the projector's USB-B port

Easy Interactive Function: lets you use the interactive pens or your finger (BrightLink 695Wi) with your computer

USB Display/Easy Interactive Function: lets you display your computer's image through the USB port and use the interactive pens or your finger (BrightLink 695Wi) with your computer

Wireless Mouse/USB Display: lets you use the wireless mouse feature and display your computer's image through the USB port (interactivity not available)

Multi-Projection Multi-Projection

Projector ID

Color Mode

Color Uniformity

Brightness Level

Color Matching



Selects the following when you use multiple projectors:

Multi-Projection: matches the display settings of multiple projectors

Projector ID: assigns an ID for the projector when you use multiple projectors

Color Mode: adjusts the vividness of image colors for various image types and environments

Color Uniformity: adjusts the color tone balance

Brightness Level: lightens or darkens the overall image

Color Matching: corrects the difference in tint and brightness for each projected image

RGBCMY: adjusts the hue, saturation, and brightness for each color

Reset: resets all of the Multi-Projection settings to their default values

Language Various languages available Selects the language for projector menu and message displays (not changed by Reset option)
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