Projector Setup Settings - Extended Menu

Settings on the Extended menu let you customize various projector setup features that control its operation.

Setting Options Description
Home Screen Home Screen Auto Disp.

Custom Function 1

Custom Function 2

Adjust settings on the Home Screen

Home Screen Auto Disp.: controls whether the Home screen displays automatically when the projector is turned on

Custom Function 1 / Custom Function 2: let you customize the options displayed on the Home screen and save your settings as a preset

Display See the Display settings table in this topic
Projection Front




Selects the way the projector faces the screen so the image is oriented correctly
Operation See the Operation settings table in this topic
Standby Mode Communication Off

Communication On

Indicates whether the projector can be monitored over a network connection while in standby mode
Language Various languages available Selects the language for projector menu and message displays (not changed by Reset option)

Display settings

Setting Description
Messages Controls whether messages are displayed on the screen
Display Background Selects the screen color or logo to display when no signal is received
Startup Screen Controls whether a special screen appears when the projector starts up
Standby Confirmation Displays a confirmation message after pressing the Standby button on the remote control
Panel Alignment Corrects color misalignment in the projected image
Color Uniformity Adjusts the color tone balance

Operation settings

Setting Description
Direct Power On Turns on the projector when you plug it in
Sleep Mode Automatically places the projector in standby mode after an interval of inactivity
Sleep Mode Timer Sets the time before the projector automatically turns off (Sleep Mode must be turned on)
Illumination Turns off the status light on the projector
High Altitude Mode Regulates the projector’s operating temperature at altitudes above 4921 feet (1500 m)
Note: The Reset setting does not reset the Memory, Projection, High Altitude Mode, Standby Mode or Language settings.
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