Solutions When the Interactive Pen Position Is Not Accurate

If the pen position is not the same as the mouse pointer, try the following solutions:
  • Make sure you have calibrated the system. Try manual calibration.
  • Make sure the cable cover is in place to keep cables from blocking the signal.
  • Try adjusting the pen operation area.
  • Turn off any keystone correction and disable the Quick Corner and Arc Correction settings.
  • If you use the E-Zoom + button on the remote control to enlarge the image, the pen position is not accurate. When you return the image to the original size, the position should be correct.
  • In PC Interactive mode (in the Extended > Advanced menu), turn off Auto Adjust Pen Area and select Manual Adj. Pen Area.
  • Try changing the computer's resolution to 1280 × 800.
  • Select Reset All Config from the Reset menu to restore the projector settings to their default values.
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