Loading Roll Paper

Load roll paper onto the spindle before loading the roll paper in the printer.
Note: To prevent dust from accumulating inside the printer, always keep the roll paper cover and cut sheet cover closed unless you are loading or unloading media.
Note: This product does not support 3-inch core diameter media.
  1. Remove any tape and protective paper from the end of the roll. Make sure the paper is cut straight across to avoid paper feeding problems.
    Note: Avoid touching the surface of your paper or leaving it on a dusty area.
  2. Make sure Load paper is displayed on the home screen.
  3. Open the cut sheet cover.

  4. Release the central lock and open the roll paper cover.

  5. Remove the spindle.

  6. Remove the transparent paper stop from the spindle.

  7. Insert the spindle into the roll paper core as shown, with the lead edge of the roll paper facing towards you.

  8. Push the fixed paper stop against the roll paper until there is no gap between the paper stop and the roll paper.
  9. Attach the transparent paper stop to the spindle and press it in until there is no gap between the paper stop and the roll paper.

  10. Place the roll paper into the printer with the black end of the spindle on the right.

  11. Insert the leading edge of the roll paper into the paper feeder until you hear a beep.

    Note: Make sure the leading edge of the roll paper is not bent or skewed, or a paper jam or skew error may occur.
  12. Close the roll paper cover and the cut sheet cover.
    Note: When you load B1 (27.8 × 39.4 inches [707 × 1000 mm]) paper in the SureColor T5170, raise the B1 width paper support as shown or the printout may be scuffed or soiled. Lower the support when printing on any other paper size.

  13. Select the paper type you loaded on the LCD screen and set the remaining amount, if necessary.
If your printer includes a stand and paper basket, make sure the paper basket is open to catch printouts.
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