Correcting Image Shape with Curved Surface

You can use the projector's Curved Surface setting to adjust the shape of an image projected on a curved surface.

Note: For the best results, project from the front of the screen onto a surface with a uniform arc radius and with the lens in the home position.
  1. Turn on the projector and display an image.
  2. Press the Geometry button on the projector control panel or remote control.
  3. Select the Curved Surface setting and press Enter. If you see a confirmation message, press Enter again. You see this screen:

    Note: You can also access the Curved Surface setting by pressing the Menu button and selecting Geometry Correction on the Settings menu.
  4. Select Curved Surface again and press Enter.
  5. Select the Correct Shape setting and press Enter. You see a screen like this:

  6. Use the arrow buttons on the projector or the remote control to select the area you want to adjust. Then press Enter.
  7. Use the arrow buttons on the projector control panel or remote control to adjust the image shape.

    Note: If the adjustment triangle turns gray, you cannot adjust the shape any further in that direction.
  8. Press the Esc button to return to the Curved Surface menu screen.
  9. Repeat the previous three steps as necessary to adjust other image areas. If the image expands or contracts, continue with the next steps to adjust the linearity.
    Note: To reset your adjustments, press and hold the Esc button for at least 2 seconds to display a reset screen. Then select Yes and press Enter.
  10. Press the Esc button. You see this screen:

  11. To compensate for expansion or contraction while maintaining the image aspect ratio, select Maintain Aspect Ratio and set it to On.
  12. Select one of the following to adjust the linearity:
    • Horizontal Linearity: Adjusts horizontal expansion or contraction.
    • Vertical Linearity: Adjusts vertical expansion or contraction.
  13. Use the arrow buttons to select a displayed line to use as a baseline and press Enter. The selected baseline flashes orange and white.
  14. Adjust the linearity by doing one of the following:
    • Press the left arrow button to contract the distance between the lines closest to the baseline.

    • Press the right arrow button to expand the distance between the lines closest to the baseline.

  15. When you are finished, press the Menu button.
Note: If necessary, you can adjust the image tilt using the Quick Corner setting, then fine-tune your adjustments using the Point Correction setting.
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