Projector Parts - Interface Ports

1 Slot 1 for installing an interface board (HDMI/DVI-D interface board described below)
2 Slot 2 for installing an SDI interface board (described below)
3 HDBaseT port
4 Network LAN port
5 Computer In port
6 Computer Out port
7 Cable clip slot (for commercially available cable tie)
8 RS-232C port
9 Remote port
10 Service port
11 USB-A port

HDMI/DVI-D Interface Board

1 DVI-D In port
2 HDMI In port
3 DC Out port

SDI Interface Board

Note: The SDI1 In and SDI1 Out ports support single-link 12G-SDI signals. The projector supports quad-link signals. When inputting a quad-link 3G-SDI signal, set the SDI Settings > Link Type setting in the Extended menu to the correct setting for your SDI signals.
1 SDI1 In port
2 SDI2 In port
3 SDI3 In port
4 SDI4 In port
5 SDI1 Out port
6 SDI2 Out port
7 SDI3 Out port
8 SDI4 Out port

Optional DisplayPort Interface Board

1 DisplayPort In1 port
2 DisplayPort In2 port
Do not attempt to install or remove your projector's interface board. Static electricity or other interference may damage the projector or cause it to malfunction. Contact Epson to have an interface board installed or removed.
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