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Settings on the Image menu let you adjust the quality of your image for the input source you are currently using. The available settings depend on the currently selected color mode and input source.

Color Mode Settings

Setting Options Description
Color Mode See the list of available Color Modes Adjusts the vividness of image colors for various image types and environments
Brightness Varying levels available Lightens or darkens the overall image
Contrast Varying levels available Adjusts the difference between light and dark areas of the image
Color Saturation Varying levels available Adjusts the intensity of the image colors
Tint Varying levels available Adjusts the balance of green to magenta tones in the image
Sharpness Varying levels available Adjusts the sharpness or softness of image details
White Balance Color Temp.

G-M Correction


Sets the overall color tone of the image

Color Temp.: sets the color temperature according to the selected color mode; lower values tint the image red, and higher values tint the image blue

G-M Correction: makes fine adjustments to the color tone; higher values tint the image green and lower values tint the image red

Custom: adjusts the individual RGB components of the offset and gain

Dynamic Contrast Off


High Speed

Adjusts the projected luminance based on the image brightness
Noise Reduction Varying levels available Reduces flickering in analog images
MPEG Noise Reduction High




Reduces the noise or static in MPEG video
Gamma –2 to 2


Adjusts the colors by selecting one of the gamma correction values or referring to a gamma graph
RGBCMY Varying levels available Adjusts the hue, saturation, and brightness for each color
Deinterlacing Off



Sets whether to convert interlaced-to-progressive signals for certain video image types

Off: for fast-moving video images

Video: for most video images

Film/Auto: for movies, computer graphics, and animation

Super-resolution Fine Line Adjust

Soft Focus Detail

Sharpens blurred images when projecting low-resolution images

Fine Line Adjust: enhances the contrast and outlines of complicated images

Soft Focus Detail: enhances the contrast and outlines of smooth backgrounds

Detail Enhancement Strength


Enhances details to create clear outlines

Strength: higher settings create a stronger effect

Range: higher settings increase the affected area around the outline

Reset to Defaults Resets all settings for the Color Mode currently selected
Note: The Brightness setting does not affect laser brightness. To change the laser brightness mode, use the Light Source Brightness Control setting in the Operation menu.

Input Source Settings

To change settings for an input source, make sure the source is connected and select that source.

Note: You can restore the default settings of the Tracking, Sync, and Position settings by pressing the Auto button on the remote control.
Setting Options Description
Source Displays the current input source selected
Resolution Auto



Sets the input signal resolution if not detected automatically using the Auto option
Aspect See the list of available aspect ratios Sets the aspect ratio (width-to-height ratio)

Turn off the Scale setting or set the Scale Mode setting to Full Display before selecting this setting (BrightLink 1485Fi).


(BrightLink 1485Fi)

Varying levels available When using multiple projectors, adjusts the scale of the image displayed by each projector
Analog Signal Adjustment Auto Setup




Adjusts the signal when Computer is the currently selected input source

Auto Setup: set to On to automatically optimize the image quality

Tracking: adjusts the signal to eliminate vertical stripes in images

Sync: adjusts signal to eliminate fuzziness or flickering in images

Position: adjusts the image location on the screen

Reset to Defaults Resets all settings for the currently selected input source
Note: Select Reset Image Settings to reset all settings on the Image menu to their default values.
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