Using the Home Screen

You can select input sources and other frequently used options from the Home screen.
  1. To display the Home screen, do one of the following:
    • Press the  Home button on the control panel.
    • Turn on the projector with the Home Screen Auto Disp setting enabled.
    • Turn on the projector when no signal is received from the selected input source.
  2. Press the arrow buttons on the remote control or control panel to navigate the screen, and press Enter to select an option.

    1 Selects the source you want to project
    2 Displays the Connection Guide
    3 Displays the projector's menus
    4 Performs the actions assigned to Custom Function 1 and Custom Function 2 on the Home screen
    5 Displays the brightness for the light source
    6 Selects the color mode
    Note: You can modify the customizable menu options using the Custom Function 1 and Custom Function 2 settings in the Extended menu.
  3. Press the  Home button to exit the Home screen.
    Note: The Home screen disappears after 10 minutes of inactivity.
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