Printer Light Status

You can often diagnose problems with your printer by checking the printer lights.

1 WiFi
2  power
3  paper/cancel
4  ink
Light status Condition/solution
The  power light is on The printer is turned on.
The  power light is flashing The printer is busy. Wait for the  power light to stop flashing before turning off the printer.
The WiFi light is green The printer is connected to the wireless network.
The WiFi light is orange Wi-Fi connection error. Press the Wi-Fi button to clear the error and try to connect again.
The  paper/cancel light is on Paper may be out. Load more paper in the sheet feeder and press the  paper/cancel button to continue.
If multiple sheets have fed, press the  paper/cancel button to eject the paper.
If printing on a CD or DVD, the CD/DVD tray is not inserted correctly. Load the CD/DVD tray correctly and press the  paper/cancel button.
The  paper/cancel light is flashing Paper has jammed in the printer or the output tray is closed. Remove any jammed paper and make sure the output tray is open, then press the  paper/cancel to resume printing.
If printing on a CD or DVD, the CD/DVD tray did not eject correctly. Pull out the CD/DVD tray and press the  paper/cancel button.
The  ink light is on An ink cartridge is not installed, installed incorrectly, expended, or cannot be used with the printer. Make sure all ink cartridges are installed correctly and replace any expended or incompatible ink cartridges.
The  ink light is flashing An ink cartridge is low. Make sure you have a replacement cartridge.
The  power light is off, and the  paper/cancel and  ink lights are flashing fast The print head is obstructed by jammed paper or another foreign object and cannot return to the home position. Turn the printer off. Open the printer cover and remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path. Then turn the printer back on. If the error does not clear, contact Epson.
The  paper/cancel and  ink lights are flashing alternately The printer's ink pads are nearing or at the end of their service life. Contact Epson to replace the ink pads. If the ink pads are nearing the end of their service life, printing can be resumed by pressing the  paper/cancel button.
The  paper/cancel and  ink lights are on The firmware update has failed, and the printer is in recovery mode. Visit Epson's support website at (U.S.) or (Canada) for instructions on repeating the firmware update.
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