Using the Pens

Your projector came with an orange pen (Interactive Pen A), identified by the color on the end of the pen. If you want to use dual pen interactivity and annotation, you will need to purchase the optional blue pen (Interactive Pen B). You can use either pen, or both at the same time (one of each color).

Make sure the pen batteries are installed.

Note: The pens turn off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Slide the switch to turn the pen back on.

1 Pen tip
2 Attachment for optional strap or cord
3 Battery light
4 Power switch
5 Battery cover
  1. To turn on the pen, slide the power switch. The green light comes on for a few seconds, then turns off. If the battery is low, the light flashes.
    Note: For best performance, hold the pen perpendicular to the board, as shown below. Do not cover the black section near the tip of the pen.

  2. Do the following to use the pen as a mouse:
    • To left-click, tap the board.
    • To double-click, tap twice.
    • To right-click, press the board with the pen for about 3 seconds.
    • To click and drag, tap and drag with the pen.
    • To move the cursor, hover over the board without touching it.
    Note: If you do not want to use the hovering feature, you can turn it off using the Easy Interactive Function in the projector's Extended menu.
  3. When you are finished using the pen, slide the power switch to turn it off.