User's Guide



Basic Copying

Available paper sources:
  • The available paper types for copying are not the same as that for printing. Depending on the paper source, available paper types differ. When copying originals, you can only use the following paper types.

    MP tray:
    Plain paper, EPSON Color Laser Paper, Letterhead, Recycled paper, Colored paper, Transparencies, Labels

    Optional paper cassette:
    Plain paper, EPSON Color Laser Paper, Letterhead, Recycled paper, Colored paper
  • You cannot copy onto coated paper, thick paper and special paper such as postcard or envelopes.

Available original sizes:
  • You can use A4, B5, Letter, and Legal size originals for copying.
  • Legal size originals are available only with the Auto Document Feeder.
  • The edge of the paper (5 mm from the horizontal and vertical paper ends) is not guaranteed for printing.

Follow the steps below to make a copy.

Make sure the product is turned on and paper is loaded in the product. For information on how to load paper, see Loading Paper.

Press the  Copy button on the control panel.

The Copy light is lit and the LCD panel shows Copy Mode for a few seconds, and then changes to the copy mode screen.

If no button is pressed for more than 3 minutes, any changes made are canceled and the mode returns to the Print mode.

Place your original either on the document table or in the Auto Document Feeder (fax model only). For details, see Setting Your Originals.

Specify the desired copy settings as necessary. For details, see Making Changes to Copy Settings.

When you press the  B&W Start or  Color Start button without making any settings here, copying starts with the existing setting values.

Press the  B&W Start or  Color Start button.
To make a black-and-white copy, press the  B&W Start button. To make a color copy, press the  Color Start button.

Copying starts.

  • Do not turn off the power or press another mode's button while copying is in progress, as copying may be performed incorrectly.
  • When you place multiple documents in the Auto Document Feeder and make a continuous high quality (600 dpi) color copy with the default memory (128 MB), the product may not work properly because of insufficient memory. We recommend adding an memory module so that the total memory size is 256 MB or higher.



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