User's Guide



Scanning an Image

EPSON Scan provides three modes for you to make any scanning settings: Home Mode, Office Mode, and Professional Mode. This section describes how to scan an image in the Home Mode. The Home Mode lets you scan images using the basic settings. For more details, see Changing the scanning mode.

Note for Mac OS X users:
Most illustrations shown in this section are for Windows, so they may vary in appearance from what actually appears on your screen. The instructions are the same, except as noted.

  • You cannot scan an image with a size that exceeds the available memory or disk space. If you try to scan the image, an alert appears on the screen.
  • When scanning an original using the Auto Document Feeder, scanning quality may be lower than when scanning an original on the document table.
  • When doing color scanning at 750 dpi or higher, the warm-up time takes up to three minutes longer than black-and-white scanning.
  • Before starting the following steps, make sure that all the necessary software including EPSON Scan has been installed.

Place your original either on the document table or in the Auto Document Feeder (fax model only). For details, see Setting Your Originals.

Start EPSON Scan. See Accessing EPSON Scan.

Select appropriate scanning mode, if necessary. See Choosing appropriate scanning mode.

Specify the Document Type, Image Type, and Destination settings to match the image. See Making Changes to Scanner Settings.

Click the Preview button to preview the image. See Using the Preview Window in EPSON Scan.

Use the Target Size setting to specify the output size of the image. Also, select Image Adjustments settings to adjust the image quality, if necessary. See Create beautiful reproductions.

Click Scan. EPSON Scan starts scanning.



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