Loading Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder

You can load your original documents in the ADF to scan multiple pages quickly.
Before loading documents in the ADF, see Document Specifications to make sure your original documents can be loaded in the ADF.

Document Specifications

The table below lists the sizes of paper you can load in the ADF. You can load up to 40 sheets (a stack thickness of 5.0 mm/0.2 inch or less) in the ADF.
Only load sheets that are all the same size in the ADF.
Paper size
210 × 297 mm (8.3 × 11.7 inches)
215.9 × 279.4 mm (8.5 × 11 inches)
215.9 × 355.6 mm (8.5 × 14 inches)
182 × 257 mm (7.2 × 10.1 inches)
148.5 × 210 mm (5.9 × 8.3 inches)
A6 (Portrait)
105 × 148.5 mm (4.1 × 5.9 inches)
Load only documents that meet the following specifications in the ADF.
Width: 105 to 216 mm (4.1 to 8.5 inches)
Length: 148.5 to 356 mm (5.9 to 14 inches)
50 to 120 g/m2
Paper type
High-quality paper, Bond paper, Check paper, Recycled paper
Make sure your documents meet the following conditions before loading them into the ADF.
The ink is dry.
The document has no holes and is not ripped or wrinkled.
The document has no staples, paper clips, or other objects attached to it; these may damage the feeder mechanism.
The document has no folds.
The document has no cut-out areas.
The document is not a multi-part form or bound.
The document has no rear carbon coating.
See Loading Documents in the ADF for instructions on loading your documents in the ADF.

Loading Documents in the ADF

Do not feed photographs or valuable original artwork into the ADF. Misfeeding may wrinkle or damage the original. Scan these documents on the document table instead.
Do not load A6 documents in landscape orientation.
Remove any documents from the document table and make sure there is no dust on the glass before loading documents in the ADF.
Slide the edge guides on the input tray of the ADF all the way outward.
Place your document in the input tray with the printed side facing up and the top edge facing into the feeder. Slide the paper into the feeder until it meets resistance. Then slide the edge guides over to the edge of the paper.
To start scanning, see Starting Epson Scan for instructions.