Scanning to a PDF File

You can scan multiple pages of a document using the ADF and save them as one PDF file on your computer. EPSON Scan displays an editing page so you can view the pages as you scan them and reorder, rotate, or delete them as necessary. You can also scan one page at a time on the document table and save it as a PDF file.


If you are scanning from Adobe Acrobat 7 on a Macintosh system, you may not be able to use the ADF to scan multiple pages. Use the document table to scan your pages individually, or scan multiple pages using EPSON Scan as described below.

Place your original document on the scanner. See one of these sections for instructions:

Do one of the following to start EPSON Scan:

    Double-click the EPSON Scan icon on your desktop.

    Or select Start > All Programs or Programs > EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan.

    Mac OS X:
    Open the Applications folder and click the EPSON Scan icon.

If the Mode setting in the top right of the EPSON Scan window is not set to Professional Mode, click the arrow in the box and select Professional Mode.

If you are scanning using the ADF, select ADF - Single-sided or ADF - Double-sided as the Document Source setting.

    If you are scanning one page on the document table, select Document Table.

Click the arrow in the Auto Exposure Type list and select your original document type; either Document or Photo.

Click the arrow to open the Image Type list and select the detailed image type you are scanning:

    Image Type setting

    Type of image you are scanning

    48-bit Color

    Color photo that you may want to modify in a 48-bit image-editing program

    24-bit Color

    Color photo

    Color Smoothing

    Color graphics, such as a chart or graph

    16-bit Grayscale

    Black-and-white photo with many shades of gray

    8-bit Grayscale

    Black-and-white photo with just a few shades of gray

    Black & White

    Document with black text and/or line art

Click the arrow next to the Resolution list and select the number of dots per inch at which you want to scan. See the table below for some guidelines:

    What you will do with the scanned image

    Suggested scan resolution

    Send via e-mail, upload to web, view only on the screen

    96 to 150 dpi

    Print, convert to editable text (OCR)

    300 dpi


    200 dpi

Click the Scan button to scan your document pages.

The File Save Settings window appears:

    Select PDF as the file type setting. The current Paper Size, Orientation, Margin, and Compression setting are displayed below it.

If you need to change any of the current PDF settings, click the Options button. You see the EPSON PDF Plug-in Settings window:

    Select the settings that match your document and click OK. You return to the File Save Settings window.

When you are finished selecting file settings, click OK. EPSON Scan scans your pages and displays this window:

If you have finished scanning your document and want to view thumbnail images of the scanned pages, click Done and go to step 16.

    If you need to load or place more pages for scanning, click Add page. Then load or place your originals and click Scan. When you are finished, click Done and go to step 16.

    If you have finished scanning and want to save the file without editing the pages, click Save File and go to step 18.

You see the Editing Page window displaying thumbnail images of each scanned page:

    If you want to include all the document pages in your PDF file as they currently look, go to step 17.

    If you want to include only some of the pages, click the  odd pages or  even pages icons, or click the individual pages you want to include.

    If you want to rotate or delete pages, click the pages or use the  odd pages,  even pages, or  all pages icon to select the pages. Then click the  left or  right rotate icon to rotate them or the  delete icon to delete them.


The  delete icon is not available when all document pages are selected.

When you have finished editing your document pages, click OK. Your document is saved in a PDF file in the location you selected.

Click Close to exit EPSON Scan.