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Using the Buttons

Using the Scan Button to Scan

If Adobe PhotoDeluxe is installed, you can use the  Scan button on the scanner to scan and send images to PhotoDeluxe.

Press the  Scan button on the scanner. The following window appears.

EPSON TWAIN automatically previews the images and recognizes the image type.

To cancel the operation, click Cancel and then click Close.

The following window appears with a progress bar to indicate the scanning progress. You can see the type of document being scanned. When scanning multiple photos, you can also see the number of scanned images.

Images are automatically optimized. You can scan easily and quickly without changing any complex settings. EPSON TWAIN automatically recognizes the image type, locates the target image, detects the skew of the target image, adjusts the exposure, and then starts scanning.

The scanned image is sent to PhotoDeluxe.

When you install the optional Film Adapter, the following window appears first. Follow the instructions displayed in the window.



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