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Printing with Macintosh

Making Settings in the Layout Dialog Box

Making the Fit to Page setting
Making Watermark settings
Making Multi-Page settings
Making Print Order settings

You can modify the page layout of your document using the printer driver settings located in the Layout dialog box. To open this dialog box, click Print on the File menu of your application, then click the  Layout icon button in the Print dialog box.

The Layout dialog box allows you to automatically match the document size to the paper size, print two or four pages on a single sheet of paper, print poster-size images by enlarging one page to cover several sheets, place watermarks on documents, or specify the printing order for your print job. Refer to the appropriate section below.

Making the Fit to Page setting

You can proportionally enlarge or reduce the size of the image to make it fit a selected paper size. To do this, select the Fit to Page check box, then select the paper size in the Output Paper Size list.


Making Watermark settings

To print a watermark on your document, select the Watermark check box in the Page Layout dialog box.

Select the watermark that you want to print from the Name list, then specify its position, size, color, and intensity. You can change the position and size of the watermark by dragging it with your mouse in the preview window at the left.

You can also add your own text-based or image-based watermarks to the Name list. Follow these steps.

Click the Add/Del button beside the Name list. The following dialog box appears.

To use an image file as a watermark, click the Add PICT button. Specify the desired image file, then click Open.

To create a text-based watermark, click the Add Text button. Type the text in the Text box, select a font and a text style, then click OK.

The image file name or the watermark text appears in the Mark Name list in the Watermark dialog box. To change the name of an image watermark, click it in the list, then type a new name. When a text watermark is selected in the Name list, you can edit the text or change the font and text style by clicking the Edit Text button.

Click OK to add your watermark to the Name list in the Page Layout dialog box.


Making Multi-Page settings

Selecting the Multi-Page check box allows you to choose between the N-up and Poster settings. Refer to the appropriate section below.

Making N-up settings

Select N-up as the Multi-Page setting in the Layout dialog box to print two or four pages of your document on one sheet of paper.

When N-up is selected, you can make the following settings:

2 Pages
4 Pages

Prints two or four pages of your document on a single piece of paper.

Page Order

Allows you to specify the order in which the pages will be printed on the sheet of paper.

Print page frames

Prints frames around the pages printed on each sheet.

Making Poster settings

A single document page can be enlarged to cover 4, 9, or 16 printed sheets of paper. Select Poster as the Multi-Page setting to print a poster-size image.

You can make the following settings.

1 page covers xx sheets

Specifies how many printed sheets of paper the enlarged document page is to cover. You can select 4, 9, or 16 pages.

Overlapping Alignment Marks

Slightly overlaps the images and prints alignment markers so that they can be aligned more precisely.

Trim Lines

Prints border lines on the images to guide you when trimming the pages.

Panel Selection

Click the panels you do not need to print, then click the OK button to print the remaining panels.

If you only want to print a few of the panels without printing the entire poster, click Panel Selection, then click the panels that you do not wish to print, and then click OK. Only the panels that you did not click will be printed.


Making Print Order settings

You can specify the printing order for your print job. When printing multiple copies of your document, select Collate to print one complete document set at a time. Select Reverse Order to print your documents in reverse order, starting with the last page.



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