Multi Photo Feeder Parts

The Multi Photo Feeder (B81337) lets you scan multiple photos or business cards in a single operation.

Make sure you have all the items illustrated below. If any items are missing or damaged, contact EPSON immediately. See Contacting Customer Support for details.

Multi Photo Feeder

When you are ready to install the Multi Photo Feeder, see Installing the Multi Photo Feeder.

Spare Paper Path Guide

The paper path guide directs documents smoothly onto the scanner's document table. A spare paper path guide is included. See Replacing the Paper Path Guide for installation instructions.


When you are not using the Multi Photo Feeder, store it in the stand as shown below.

  • Do not remove the white stickers on the bottom of the Multi Photo Feeder.

  • Do not let the plastic triangle on the paper path guide touch the stand.

  • You can also use the stand to hold the scanner cover while you are using the Multi Photo Feeder. Just be careful not to let the document mat touch the stand.