Scanner Parts

Perfection 3590 Photo Parts


The parts described in this section are common to the Perfection 3490 Photo and Perfection 3590 Photo scanners. For parts specific to the Perfection 3590 Photo, see Perfection 3590 Photo Parts.

a. scanner cover
b.  Scan to PDF button
c.  Scan to E-mail button
d.  Copy button
e.  Start button

a. document mat
b. document table
c. carriage

a. transportation lock

a. DC inlet
b. USB interface connector
c. option interface connector
d. cover cable

Perfection 3590 Photo Parts

a. auto film loader
b. film guide
c. auto film loader cover
d. scanner cover (transparency unit)
e. Eject button

To scan using the auto film loader, see Placing Film in the Auto Film Loader.

a. feed knob
b. film path cover
c. transparency unit window


Do not turn the feed knob unless film is jammed.