Starting a Scan With the Scanner Buttons

a.  Scan to PDF button
b.  Scan to E-mail button
c.  Copy button
d.  Start button

 Start button

To start a basic scan, press the Start button on the scanner. Your computer automatically starts EPSON Scan in Full Auto Mode.

From EPSON Scan, you can select a scanning mode and then scan and save your image to a file on your computer. See Using Full Auto Mode for instructions.

 Scan to PDF button

To start a scan and save it as a PDF file on your computer, press the Scan to PDF button. EPSON Scan starts automatically. See Scanning Directly to a PDF File for instructions.

 Copy button

If you want to use the scanner as a copier and automatically scan and print your image, you can press the Copy button. See Using the Scanner as a Copier for instructions.

 Scan to E-mail button

If you want to scan an image and open your e-mail program so you can attach it to an e-mail message, you can press the Scan to E-mail button. See Scanning Directly to an E-mail for instructions.


If a program does not start when you press a button, see Pressing a Scanner Button Does Not Start the Correct Program.