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Scanning Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Note for Macintosh users:
For details on Adobe Photoshop Elements, refer to its web site.

Start Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Click Start, point to All Programs (Windows XP) or Programs (Windows 98SE, Me, or 2000), and click Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.

Double-click the Applications folder in Macintosh HD, and then double-click the Adobe Photoshop Elements icon.

Select Import from the File menu, then choose EPSON Perfection 4990.

Note for Windows XP users:
Do not choose WIA-EPSON Perfection 4990 from the menu to select the scanner. If you select it, you cannot use all the features available in EPSON scan.

The following window appears.

When the Show this dialog box before next scan check box is cleared, EPSON Scan automatically scans without displaying the standby dialog box. In this case, go to step 4.

If you want to adjust settings in Full Auto Mode, click Customize to open the Customize dialog box. For details on selecting settings, see the on-screen help by clicking the Help button in the Customized dialog box.

Click Scan.

EPSON Scan automatically previews the image, and recognizes the document source and type.

When you click Pause, the standby dialog box appears.

After EPSON Scan has previewed and recognized the document type, the following window appears. You can see the previewed image in the window.

EPSON Scan automatically locates the target images and modifies their skew, then start scanning.

Clicking Cancel on this screen closes EPSON Scan.

The scanned image is sent to Adobe Photoshop Elements.

  • Depending on the image you want to scan, you may not get the results you expected or you may want to make more adjustments to the scanned image. In this case, scan the image in Home Mode or Professional Mode.
  • For information on editing scanned images, refer to your application's documentation.

Select Save As from the File menu in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Type a file name, select a file format, and click Save. For details on files, see the Help topics in the application you are using.



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