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Printing with Macintosh

Using the Printer Utilities

Accessing the printer utilities

EPSON printer utilities allow you to check the current printer status and do some printer maintenance from your screen.

EPSON StatusMonitor

You use the EPSON StatusMonitor utilities to check the printer status and the level of ink remaining in each cartridge.

Nozzle Check

To find out if nozzles are delivering ink properly, you can print a nozzle check pattern. If the nozzles are not delivering ink properly, missing dots will be evident in the print pattern. Printer nozzles for six colors can be checked at a time.

Before you start printing images, make sure that nozzle check pattern printing is complete. Otherwise, print quality may decline.

Head Cleaning

When printing quality declines, or when clogged nozzles are evident after the nozzle check, the print heads need to be cleaned. Use this utility to perform the head clean, then perform the Nozzle Check again, as repeat head cleaning may be necessary.

Print Head Alignment

Print head alignment is necessary when a misalignment of vertical lines appears in the head alignment test pattern, or when banding is evident in your printouts.


Clicking this button opens the configuration dialog box, where you can change the way the EPSON StatusMonitor utility notifies you when the printer status changes. For details, see Making Configuration Settings.

Accessing the printer utilities

Open the Print dialog box or Page Setup dialog box and click the Utility icon to open the Utility dialog box. Then, click the button for the utility you want to use.

While printing is in progress, pressing any of the utility buttons, except the EPSON StatusMonitor button, may mar your printouts.



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