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Printing with Windows

Basic Settings

Making the printer driver settings
Canceling printing

Making the printer driver settings

To make the basic settings to print your documents, access the Main menu and Paper menu in the printer driver. In the Paper menu, you can set particular settings for printing on roll paper; Auto Rotate, Auto Cut, and Print Page Line.

For details about the printer software, see online help by pressing the Help button in the driver settings window.

Click Print on the File menu. The Print dialog box appears.

  Make sure your printer is selected and then click Properties, or Options. You may need to click a combination of these buttons. The driver settings window appears.

Click Main tab to display the Main menu.

Main Menu

Select the media you loaded in the printer from the Media Type list.

The Media Type setting determines what other settings are available, so you should always make this setting first.

In the Ink box, if you use UltraChrome ink, select Color/B&W Photo to print color, or Black to print a draft or black text only. If you use Archival or Photographic Dye ink, select Color to print in color, or Black to print in black and white.

  Make sure the Automatic radio button in the Mode box is selected.

When Automatic is selected, the printer driver takes control of all detailed settings based on the current Media Type setting and Ink setting.

Adjust Speed and Quality in the Mode box if a slider appears. Drag the slider left or right depending on which is more important. This setting is usually automatically decided in accordance with your Media Type setting.

Depending on the Media Type you choose, a slider appears in the Mode box.

Click the Paper tab to display the Paper menu.

Paper Menu

Select the type of paper you loaded in the printer from the Paper Source list.

Select the paper size you loaded in the printer from the Paper Size list.

Most Windows applications feature paper size settings that override similar settings in the printer driver.

When roll paper is used, set the Roll Paper Option as required. See Roll Paper Option.

Make settings for Orientation, Copies, and Printable Area.

Click the Layout tab to display the Layout menu.

Layout menu

Select Reduce/Enlarge and adjust the printing image size if necessary.

This function is not available when Roll Paper (Banner) is selected from the Paper Source list.

Click the OK button at the bottom of the window. The screen returns to the Print Setup dialog (or a similar dialog) of your application.

Click Print to print the document.

While printing, the EPSON Progress Meter will be appear, showing the printing progress and the status of your printer.

Progress meter


Canceling printing

To cancel the printing in progress, press the Stop button on the EPSON Progress Meter.

You can also pause or restart printing. To pause printing, press the Pause button. To resume printing, press this button again.

When you stop printing in progress, you may need to start printing again from the beginning for best result. Otherwise misalignment or banding may appear on the printed image.



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