Epson Stylus Pro 4800
Reference Guide


Maintenance and Transportation

Replacing the Maintenance Tank

If MNT TNK FULL or MNT TK NEAR FULL appears on the LCD, replace the maintenance tank.

To check the product code of the Maintenance Tank, see Consumable Products.

To replace the maintenance tank, follow the steps below.

If you are using 220 ml ink cartridges, remove the four ink cartridges from the right ink compartment. Then close the compartment cover.

Open the new maintenance tank package.

Put your hand on the handle under the right ink compartment, then gently pull out the maintenance tank. Be careful not to spill ink from the tank when removing it.

Put the used maintenance tank in the plastic bag provided with the new tank.

Do not tilt the used maintenance tank until after it is sealed in the plastic bag.

Insert the new maintenance tank.

If you are using 220 ml ink cartridges, reinstall the ink cartridges that you removed.



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